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xxyour_not_hawt's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Name: Kristie
Email: Fallendynasty@msn.com
Aim: Rainx3sKuji
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Name: Carly
Email: Painttheskypink@msn.com
Aim: Enjoytheshowx

Answer all questions honestly.
If you can't handle being rejected then don't apply.
Don't write in slang or type. LyKe DiS. it get's very annoying.
Use an LJ-Cut at all times or else it will be an auto-ban.
Make sure the Lj-cut says "Application" If not we'll know you didn't read the rules.
Do not alter the application in anyway.
Put "so Hawt" in the subject line.
All post's are to be made friends only.
Answer all "sway" me comments, if you don't at the time of your stamping it will be counted against you as a "no" vote.
You have 24 hours to finish your application.
You must be at least 14.
Don't post anywhere other then your application until you've been stamped.

You need to earn at least 45 points a month to stay in the community.
Be honest when voting, don't feel bad to say no to a person.
Put Yes//or//No//or//Sway in the subject line, then tell everyone why you voted this way.
Promote our community at least once a week.
If you're member of the month 4 different month's you will be made into a mod.
You must stay active in the community.
If you have to go away for a while let us know so that way you don't get deleted.
This Community is based 90% on looks.

Online Hunt + 1 For each
Weekly Survey + 5
Superlative + 15
(winner) +25
Promoting + 3
Making Banners + 10
Pictures + 2
Long text + 5
Short text + 3
Winning Challenges + 25
Member of the month + Auto Accept//Auto Reject

Exchange Points in for:
Auto-Accept -250
Auto-Reject - 250
Specially made icons - 50
Specially made banners -75
Vote count double - 50
Vote count triple - 75